The South Knoxville Church of God has been in existence since 1898.  The church was in the Blount Avenue area until 1976.  The first church was a log cabin.  The original hearthstone now rests on the present church grounds beside the flagpole.
    Going back to research the history of the church, we found no records past 1922.  Knowing the church to be older, we asked long time residents of the community how long the church has been in existence.
    Miss Julie Baker of 2500 Blount Avenue remembered the church being on the site of 607 Blount Avenue.  She described the building as log construction and the pastor's name as Rev. DeArmond, another leading member as Mr. Sams, and the choir director as Mr. King, Mr. Wiley King's father.  The pastor wore a high silk hat and a long split tailcoat.  In 1898, Miss Baker was 12 years old and was saved under the pastorate of Rev. DeArmond.
    Today the church as 2 educational wings, a fellowship hall, evangelist's quarter, an annex building, softball field and other recreational facilities.  The Henry Parks Life Style Center (the barn) was completed in 1990.  The church has had 7 pastors during this time that we know of Rev. J.H. Lord, Rev. G.B. Sprinkle, Rev. J.C. Leatherwood 1926-1955, Rev. Dan Underwood 1955-1957, Rev. Henry Parks 1957-1991, Rev. Tommy Bellamy 1991-2001, and Rev. Robert Branch 2001 to present.  From its small beginnings, the church continues to grow with God’s blessings and grace.