Health Issues

Kailee – Baby Justin

Baby Claire - Need of miracle ( Having trouble breathing)

Nola Joseph - Surgery (Intestines Burst 50/50 chance.. needs Miracle)

Faye Hayes – Needs healing (Cancer)

Kim Williams – 3rd stage cancer (with 3 kids)

Wesley Staley – Heart issues / Salvation

Sherry Wolf – cancer

Vicki & Joe Sise – Strength

Nancy Burke – Heath issues

Lisa Monroe – Breast Cancer

David Burnett – Lung Cancer

Todd Burnett – Health issues / salvation

Brian Blalock – Cancer/Surgery/Salvation

Victoria Siler– Cancer (Pastor’s cousin’s wife)

Student of Rose Burkhart

Randy Tinsley – Health issues

Heidi Rose Harris – Baby born with abnormal heart / Flu

Ginger Long – Health issues

Jean Pruitt – Rehabilitation

Ralph Williams – Cancer

Julie’s Friend – Cancer surgery

Addie (age 6) – Health issues

Ukrainian Kids & Families

U.S.A. – Leadership and protection

Amanda - Lupus

Jim Burkhart’s Dad

Patsy Morris – Lung Cancer

Kaden – age 17 Sevier Bowel Issues

20 Y/O man cancer. Dropped college.

Joan Watson – Blocked arteries / Neuropathy

Amanda Manning – Leukemia Test / unsaved

Makenna (14yo) in razor accident

Phil Solomon & family –

Josh Elliot – Anxiety

Patty Tinsley – Recovery from surgery

Daniel & Amber Keeling – Direction

Gary Hood – Prostate Cancer

Macel Ely – Upcoming surgery

Carol Ely – Recovery from Surgery

Josh Mumford – deliverance from addiction

Amber Ramsey – salvation, deliverance from drugs, homelessness

Vickie Sise – Continued Health Issues

Baby Ivey – Premature / Brain Bleed

George Bonier - Surgery / Not saved

Dr. Bill Fry - Healing

Jason Keeling's Uncle - Hospice / Salvation

Sue Hyde - Surgery / Recovery

Kerri Espinosa & family - Special Need

Tracy Lowe - Heart Issues

Tammy Hurst - Cancer

David Caughorn - Back Issue

Lisa Hurst - Back Issues

Matthew Hurst - Broken Collarbone

Dean (last name unknown) - Covid5

Larry Benson - hospital (convulsions/seizures)

Grieving Families

Gibson Family

Priest Family

Weaver Family (Suzi Weavers Husband)

Family of Shorty Wagner

Military Family / Friends Deployed

Salvations – Acts 2:21, John 3:16-18

Chuck Siler         Alex Bolinger

Jason Gay            Zach Bolinger

Jim Osborn           Rick Swaggerty

David knight         Oliver Keeling

Laura Knight      Terry Tolliver

Scotty Holmes      Colton Loveday

Ronald Loveday    Timothy Mathes

Catherine Weidman    Mark Akins

Lynn Akins            Dion Mcarther

Ronnie Watson      J.J. Solomon

Jordan Brown         Karen Rudd

Ashley lane           Debbie Rudd

Ed Rudd                  Michael Pinkerton

Jill Copas                 James Burkhart

Brenda Boruff         Audie Long

Jim Houser           Pat Davis

Allen Hayes            Stacy Hayes

Greg Hayes            Kristi Hayes

Natasha’s Family      Burke Family

Carl Staley                Steve Lowe

J. Keeling’s Father    Kyle Rambo

Justin Parott              Nathan

Mindy                        Scott Mathes

Amber Ramsey         George Bonier


How to pray for those needing salvation:

- That God would lift the veil of deception over them & reveal Christ Jesus to them

- That the Holy Spirit would come over them, protect them and deal with their hearts

- To cast down anything that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God, patterns, opinions on religion, materialism, and fear