World Missions

At  S.K.C.O.G.  we have a heart for missions. We believe it is our God given duty to take care of the poor and needing of the world financially and Spiritually.  We support groups all over the world from here in out local community and even to Mexico, Africa, Pakistan and many more places.  It is your giving that is making an impact for God all over the globe.

If you would like to give to missions, See the section below!


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     Your giving does more than just keep the lights on.. It helps build the community, feeds the homeless, clothes children and buys them school supplies, provides people the medicine they need in places where it is hard to get.. and much.. much more..

     "Give and it will be given back to you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over." Give with a cheerful heart for the Lord.

Not only will it bless other people..  it will bless the Lord..

and He will bless you.