Current Prayer List

Prayer Requests

Baby Ezra Southard - Brain Surgery

Joe Sise - Strength, Encouragement, & Healing

Vickie sise - Strength & Healing

Andy Sise - Health (Waiting on test results)

Debbie Morelock - Healing

Patsy Morris - Strength & Healing (Cancer)

Freddie Breeden - Recovering from surgery

Mark Van - Recovering from surgery

Brain Capps - Special need

Sandy (Kim Ailor's Mother) - Healing

Eve (grand daughter of Lisa Barns) - Health issues

Jaon Watson - Eyes, bone density, circulation in feet & legs

Jamie ( Daughter of Carolyn Pardon) - Healing & Strength

Clark Belger - Recovery

Jonny Ownby -  health COPD

Toni Franklin - Chemo for breast cancer

8 year old - healing of cancer

Earl R. - Broken Hip

Grace - Heart Issue

Rose's Decision

Faye Hayes - Bad Report (Health)

Tyler - b.b. sized tumor

Anne's Nephew & Wife

David - problem with neighbors/ peace

Lost love ones

the Nation

Justin's Coworker - Leg severed on the job

Kim Gilbert - Lungs

Lisa Stevens - Hospice

Anne Hurst - foot healing

Jerry Ownby - Doctor

Katherine - Back

Ginger - Hospital

Carolyn Pardon

Christie VanNorstran - Surgery

Dorothy Akins - Sugar level

Kala - Covid

Teresa Parrott - 

Brian Canon - Surgery

Ann - Healing

David & Brenda - Special Need

Joan Wattson

Pastor's back pain

Salvations – Acts 2:21, John 3:16-18

Chuck Siler, Alex Bolinger, Zach Bolinger, Jason Gay, Rick Swaggerty,

David Knight, Oliver Keeling, Laura Knight, Terry Tolliver, Scotty Holmes,

Colton Loveday, Ronald Loveday, Timothy Mathes, Catherine Weidman,

Mark Akins, Lynn Akins, Dion McArthur, Ronnie Watson, J.J. Solomon,

Jordan Brown, Karen Rudd, Ed Rudd, Michael Pinkerton, Jill Copal,

James Burkhart, Brenda Boruff, Audie Long, Jim Houser, Pat Davis, 

Allen Hayes, Stacy Hayes, Greg Hayes, Kristi Hayes, Natasha's Family,

Burke Family, Carl Staley, Steve Lowe, J. Keeling's father

How to pray for those needing salvation:

- That God would lift the veil of deception over them & reveal Christ Jesus to them

- That the Holy Spirit would come over them, protect them and deal with their hearts

- To cast down anything that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God, 

   patterns, opinions on religion, materialism, and  fear

Missions - John 20:21, Acts 1:8

Appalachian Children's Home

Barnabas Ministries - Dr. Macel Ely

GEM Missions - Shirely Craft

Hope Recourse Center

Julius Mbagaya, Kenya, Africa

Montgomery Village Ministries

Operation Serve - Connie Jarvis

SAEM - S. African Evang. Mission

Santie Schoeman, Centurion, South Africa

Rapha Mission, Pakistan

Rev. Joseph Shunkis - Peru

Teen Challenge

Volunteer Ministries